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Why are our cabins the best?

Van Homes build our cabins to a higher standard of quality, design and looks. All of our cabins feature the ranch slider and deck design which give the interior a feeling of more light and space and the exterior a modern and clean look that does not look out of place in any environment. Our cabins are definitely better quality cabins in comparison to many of the other "home built" styles that are advertised, and we are very competitive in our pricing. We deliver then mount and level our cabins on concrete blocks. This makes them absolutely firm and stable when walking around inside. Rest assured, we work hard to provide the best service and value available.

How long does a cabin take to set up on-site?

It generally takes us just a few hours to locate your cabin where you want it, then set it up ready for you to move in.

What makes cabins a better alternative to an on-site caravan with annex accommodation?

The design of the cabins gives you a much bigger open area with full height ceilings all on the same level.

Do we need any consents?

No - Because they are a temporary and mobile form of accommodation. Our cabins have the legal status of a caravan.

What about a kitchen and bathroom?

Yes, they have a full size kitchen with full size stove and a full size bathroom with a full size shower.

Where do I get more liners for the Incinerator toilet?

Liners can be ordered via the Australian distributor Hi-Tech Pacific or from the US manufacturer

Are the cabins insulated?

Yes, they have insulated vinyl wall cladding and roof. This is great for warmth in the winter, and cooler in the summer.

What about an air conditioner?

Yes, all our cabins have Air Conditioners.

How is the water and waste connected?

Your cabin comes fully plumbed internally, all you have to do onsite is connect a garden water hose to the water inlet and another hose from the waste outlet to the sewer or septic tank. Some garden hoses are not the best for drinking water hygeine. To be safe we recommend using black alkathene hose pipe. You still connect it to your normal garden hose tap.

How is the power connected?

Your cabin is fully wired complete with safety switch circuit breakers, all you have to do is connect a 15 amp power extension lead to the power inlet plug.

Is there a delivery fee and bond?

In order to cover our transport and setup costs we do charge a delivery fee depending on your location - please call us for more specific details regarding delivery costs and bond - we are very competitive with these fees.

Is there a minimum rental period?

Our minimum rental period is 6 months as this works out the most economical for our customers and also allows us to maintain our low weekly rental rates. The majority of our customers will take an initial rental term contract of between 6 to 12 month and then continue to rent after that period is up. There is no limit to how long you keep renting your cabin after your rental period is over.

I like what I see, what is my next step?

If you know what you want fill out our no obligation booking form. If you have questions fill out our contact form or give us a call on 0497 822 317.

Yikes! There is currently a waitlist for cabins. Current lead time is approximately 12 weeks. Book in early!