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General overview

  • We only deliver to Central Coast, Sydney and some close surrounding suburbs. We need at least 2.5m clearance in a driveway and enough space to manoeuvre it into position. If unsure feel free to send photos. Keep some extra space for the trailer and deck we attach out the front or side.
  • Standard delivery/set up and pack down/pick up totals to $800.
  • Bond is $500, we'll need at least $200 of this paid as a deposit to secure your cabin and a date for delivery.
  • Rent is $240 per week or $255 if you opt for an incinerator toilet (only available in studio floor plan) over the standard.
  • We have a minimum rental term of 6 months. Following this we need 1 month notice to terminate.

Cabin options

Check out the options and pricing on the Our Cabins page.


If this all looks okay - please fill in the form at the bottom of the Our Cabins page to get started.

Also feel free to browse the website FAQ's or contact us.